Support the Project

You may support the project in many ways:

Good Wishes

Your good wishes are powerful, and without them, the project would fail.

Be Interviewed

If Katrina affected your life, your job, your emotions, and/or thinking, please contact me, and we will arrange for an interview.


If you know someone who should be interviewed, please contact me.


If you are in the media, and/or you know of ways to get the word out, please publicize this work.


I am a creative-writing teacher. I make decent money, but not tons. All expenses to-date have been absorbed by the Aab household budget (Thank you Kai and Visa!) For my interviewing trips, I tend to drive, and I often rely on the kindness of friends and strangers to host me. While I wish I could absorb all of the expenses, I know that I could do more if I actually had a budget. So, if you can support the project in this way, here are some donations that can be of particular use:

  1. Gas cards.
  2. Frequent-flier miles.
  3. Northwest/Continental gift certificates.
  4. Hotel vouchers.
  5. Restaurant gift cards.
  6. Cash donations.

To make a donation, send an email to: